Release Notes

Info about each version release and what's included with each change.


  • Fixed login bug where the Reddit API was returning the incorrect access code after authentication


  • Notifications now get cleared when they are read (even outside the extension)

  • Customized look of scrollbar

  • Improved look of Popup when there is nothing in the inbox to show


  • Fixed bug with username on the Options page

  • Added padding on Options page for Firefox

  • Resetting setting or logging out on Options page now reloads the page


  • Added additional option for customizing what happens when a notification is clicked on

  • Removed "tabs" permission, since it actually isn't needed to create a new tab

v0.1.2 - Release for Firefox and Edge browsers!

  • Bug fix with login flow for Firefox browser

v0.1.1 - Initial release to the Chrome Web Store!

  • Displays basic notifications in a list inside the popup

  • Button to mark messages as read/unread

  • Checks for new notifications in the background

    • Customization for what info to display and how often to check

  • Setting for only displaying comment replies, PMs, or unread notifications

  • Setting to limit how old or max amount of notifications to display